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We’re a software company based in Ohio and we make good things happen!

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Dublin OH 43016
Ph: +1 773-273-9855
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First Floor, Khaja's Limra, Erragadda Hyderabad, India.
Ph: +91 9885780974
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About Us

Qulahad Innovative Solutions for Business was established in the year 2015. We are having creative entrepreneurs in the company and a team of talented digital strategists, designers, developers, marketers, project managers and business developers those who work in a mutual manner with a motive to cater to the needs of the clients and give them satisfaction by attaining their vision.

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Right Approach

Qulahad, a well-built supporter of responsive and incremental software development approach. As an alternative of engaging into a lengthy one cycle development access, we are having great talent of engaging our customers in the process of feedback that allow the customers to:

1. Avoid surprises

2. Understand their requirements and get rid of impurities as they go.

3. Control what they are actually receiving and at what time they are receiving.

Teamwork is the main reason behind the success of Qulahad, where we are always sharing beneficial insights and opportunities to our clients in an ingenuous environment. All through the sessions, our most important goal is to work along with the clients to shatter larger topics into smaller deliverable modules and prioritize them which is essential for their own business.

Right Partner

The first project we get from the clients is great opportunity to meet and know about our clients. Which will allows us to gain knowledge of business processes, master the core values and guide our clients in optimizing their business process with best technology solution. We introduce enhanced and optimized processes which are essential for our staff training.

Presently like anything in addition, we believe that all partnership come within reach of work with our partners. We make agreement with our clients especially as per our client needs and accordingly we adjust it. If you are an IT company, we can mentor your team by leading your projects and often we share our best practices. Not just we lead your team; we can also provide you with our best experienced IT professional for straightforward execution of your projects.This integrated approach has allowed us to work effectively with our clients.

Right People

We build software’s and at the same time we solve business problems. Yeah, we are remarkable in the work what we do every day and we love it. We are having exceptionally talented and crafty members in our team.

Thus we take pleasure in our work as it just requires a great passion to take our business to the next level and making difference every day. The reputation of our company is not based on the TV advertisements or marketing, but we are having fine aptitude of delivering valuable solutions, which will be helping you to boost the productivity of your business.

Our recruitment process focuses on personalities of individuals just like it focus on their intellectual abilities.

How do we do it




Our technical team expresses the innovative ideas in the meeting.



We make every effort to ensure client satisfaction.



We accurately reflect the work into actions.



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