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We’re a software company based in Ohio and we make good things happen!

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First Floor, Khaja's Limra, Erragadda Hyderabad, India.
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Mobile Application Development

Qulahad has a technical team with high knowledgeable persons who are ready to create a mobile application as per the client’s needs and requirements. These persons are having good skills with all programmable languages that are essentially required for developing a mobile application.

iOs Development Services

Our design teams develop the ios application using advanced algorithms and functions which provides a core application for the client. Our designers will give their best for developing the ios application to satisfy the client requirements.

Android Development Services

Our android development services include mobile applications for various industries such as tours and travels, healthcare and hotel management. These applications are affordable to the clients.

HTML Mobile Apps Development

Our html mobile app development team creates mobile applications, which provide portability to the client.

Phone Gap

Phone gap helps you to create mobile applications which are user friendly.

How We Do IT

  • We have a mission and a purpose to create an application
  • We design and obtain information for the app to develop
  • We identify the need of the client
  • We ensure the application in the market
  • Our designers create application with the advanced technology
  • Engaging with the customers to satisfy their need
  • Releasing in the market with the affordable price

Mobile Apps Benefits

  • Customer engagement
  • Branding for the product
  • Easy way to reach clients
  • To know market value
  • Free advertisement
  • Helps to grow e-business

Qulahad Mobile App Differentiators


Mobile applications are ease to use and user-friendly

Advanced functionalities

Qulahad designs mobile applications with advanced functionalities using latest technology

App store submission

We review the app and ensure that the app enables the key app services for the client that he wants to use


Our team maintains clear documentation of every project/product until it reaches to the client

Why Choose Us

  • Qulahad has experienced team to work together in every aspect of the project
  • Quality assurance for the product
  • Advanced technology
  • Strong competency in market
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

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